Frequently asked questions

Speed of Construction

Robo Acotec wall is an idea developed to facilitate 7 times faster, a hassle-free building process for construction of residential, industrial, commercial and institutional projects.

Low Wastages

Robo Acotec walls are pre cut to specific sizes that can go well with all types of designs and schedules. This will largely minimize wastages at site.

Industrial Quality Finish

Robo Acotec walls gives maximum savings in plastering and finishing since the panel has an impressive surface finish.

Easy Site Management

Robo Acotec walls give less messy and traffic. Hence it creates cleaner sites and better site management.

Time Efficiency

Robo Acotec wall can speed up project duration and as a result save in construction time and cost.

Environmental Friendly

Robo Acotec wall is an environmentally safe and recyclable product.

Robo Acotec wall technology is well proven in Europe, south Asian countries and are produced under highest quality checks. Concrete used is of M25 grade, fire resistant, moisture resistant and gives a better sound insulation. Robo Acotec walls are high in Compressive strength, ranging from 11 N/mm2 and 14 N/mm2 depending upon the thickness of the panel. This is much superior than the conventional brickwork.

No, you cannot hammer a nail but bolts can be drilled into the walls.

Robo Acotec Walls are crack resistant as they have a very low drying shrinkage ratio. Also, a fibre mesh is applied at the vertical joints between each panel which eliminates any crack formation in the future.

Robo Acotec walls are non-load bearing walls, so these cannot be used as load bearing walls but can be used as external walls where the load of the building does not transfer to the walls.

The hollow cores facilitates easy installation of MEP services as the electrical and plumbing lines can be drawn through it without cutting open the wall panels. In case of horizontal electrical conduits/ plumbing lines, the panel can be cut open up to 60% of its thickness.

Robo Acotec Wall panels come with a smooth factory finish and doesn't require plastering. However, a coat of coarse putty and a coat of fine putty is recommended for a smoother finish before application of paint.

Tiles can be fixed on these walls just like in conventional walls.

Robo Acotec walls can be used in all areas of application. The water absorption ratio of Robo walls is approx. 5.5% (The avg water absorption ratio for conventional walls is 10-15%) which makes these walls very suitable for wet areas.

All types of doors and windows can be installed in Robo Acotec Walls using HRD bolts.

The Anchor pull out strength and the shear capacity of an anchor bolt when fixed in Robo Acotec Walls is 5 KN which allows hanging of heavy appliances

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